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I’ve become fairly disenchanted with the idea of “Web 2.0”. It’s like saying Automobile 2.0, or Toaster 2.0… it’s the same product, object, “thing”… it’s just progressing. To be honest, I don’t believe it really exists. Much like Valentines Day being a holiday created by Hallmark, Web 2.0 is a term used by Marketing people, trying to make a buck, that really don’t know how to describe new avenues in marketing to old stuffy cost of amoxil Amoxicillin without prescription amoxil without prescription guys in suits that write their paychecks.

We all know by now, what Web 2.o consists of: Social Media, User Generated Content, yada yada yada… but it’s just the evolution of the web. 10 years ago, having a web site was something people paid a lot of money to someone like me to build them. Now, much like Gutenberg making the Bible accessible to everyone, sites like MySpace, Facebook, et al… allow anyone to have an online presence. Which is great… don’t get me wrong – BUT… what do people like to do generally? Talk. Talk, at length, usually about things they know nothing about (especially on the interwebs due to their almost complete anonymity). So you’ve got all these people talking with opinions floating around the web space, just waiting to be picked up by search engines, and this is what we call Web 2.0. (?) I’m totally getting off track here, cause I want to get to a different point, but to bring this point to a close – we now have this new era of how we bring products and services to market by trying to get all these “talkers” on our side, through viral marketing, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc… It’s just like when television was invented – there soon became television Commercials. Nothing new, just… different.

But, back to the point I REALLY wanted to make – I especially hate it when the term Web zoloft online uk zoloft sale online buy zoloft 2.0 is applied to design.

Really? Just cause you used ChunkFive and some gradients, and copied the tutorial on how to recreate an “Aqua” button… you’re a 2.0 designer? Much like I don’t believe in Web 2.0 as a real “technology” I REFUSE to accept it as design. It’s a trend. Keep doing it, and you’ll be in fashion at least twice, as they say. 10 years ago, we were all drooling over sites that used 45 degree angles. Yes, currently I am guilty of using ChunkFive and gradients, as you can see in my portfolio… but what the client wants, the client gets – or I don’t pay rent.

My point is this – Design is Design… it’s either good or bad. It may fit into a category, like music, but much like music, it either moves you or it doesn’t. You’re a 2.0 designer, like you’re a Rocker. You may be able to do your one thing really good, but when a company like Coppala knocks on your door to produce their next wine label – good Dec 20, 2014 – Aliquam faucibus semper tellus in vestibulum. About Us . Where to order fluoxetine Without Prescription Over The Counter; Lowest price luck.

Holy Geeze, I’m salty!!! This “Blog” of mine may get me into some trouble! 🙂