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Building a brand and selling surfboards…

I have been working with Surftech for years. Recently, I took on the position as Price. buy valtrex online at Discount Prices. their “Director of Internet”. With that, it was time for a revamp…


With a focus on Social Networking, I revamped the site specifically to boost Surftech’s fan base. Not everyone is willing to drop large amounts of coin on a surfboard they’ve never seen in person, let alone ridden. Most of the time, it’s (hydroxyzine hydrochloride, hydroxyzine pamoate). brand name: atarax. cheap Hydroxyzine better to get that sort of advice directly from local shop owners anyway.

What we really wanted to do, was push the lifestyle and create discussion via facebook and twitter with not only the staff, but the team riders as well. Then, of course there’s the media aspect. A nice place to showcase our video.

Completely built on WordPress’ Multi-Site, we’re able to keep everything updated in one location and seed out new sites and updates seamlessly. While prednisone 20 mg cost where to buy prednisone in canada order prednisone keeping a cohesive look across channels, it allows each unique channel to have a look and feel of its own.

Check it out: Visit Site.



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